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More Out of Life w Innovation Groups
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More Out of Life - w Innovation Groups [...]
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Concepts, Philosophies & More


Whether you are a CEO, a stay-at-home parent, a recent college graduate or high school dropout (at least 18 yrs. of age), at an Innovation Group you will learn that how you view the world makes a difference in your success.


You will learn that persistence and long-term thinking are critical in achieving your dreams.


You will meet and interact with individuals from varying backgrounds.  You will all share one thing in common.  You are tired of the results you are getting, doing what you are doing, and you're ready for change!


Each group meeting will cover topics that will assist you in discovering:


Personal Development


The best investment one can ever make is in himself or herself.  There is no greater return.  Personal development is the key to one’s success.


Live with an attitude of gratitude.  Start each day with 15-30 minutes, think about all you are thankful for in life.  This starts each day on a positive note and you can build momentum from there.


Friends give you permission to stay where you are.


We will experience one of two pains in life. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.  The pain of discipline weighs ounces, while the pain of regret weighs tons.


You can choose to work hard now and later have an easy life or you can take it easy now and later life will be hard.


Commitment is doing what you said you’ll do, long after the feeling you were in when you said it, is gone.


People mistake activity for achievement.  The world is full of busy, broke people.  Thinking separates the mundane things in life from the significant.  Thinking clarifies one’s direction and purpose.  One must make quiet, alone time,  each day to think.

Taking control of your life.  For every yes, you are saying no to something else.  Every action, event, and decision should serve a purpose.


To accomplish more - with significance, of value - we must do less.  We must narrow our focus and actions to the half dozen things we do extremely well and hire others to do the other things.


Success comes from change, not by chance.  You have to choose change.


Journaling - any life worth living is worth recording.  Always have a journal to write down things you learn, observe, your reflections on each day, as well as to write down thinks you are grateful for.


The greatest gift you can give a loved one is improving yourself to become a better person.


You’ll also discover…


#1 thing you can do to control your life

#1 thing you can do to ensure success in life

#1 thing you can do to start getting better results immediately

How your Belief System affects you & how to change it

Your beliefs are learned and how they can be unlearned

What you have to do to move to a higher level in life

How to change your life by changing your thinking

The importance of having “Whys” in your life

Instead of focus on how to do things what you should focus on

Successful people think differently than unsuccessful people

What you do that determines your success

You’ll learn the myths of what we manage

You’ll learn the power of reflection and hope


When we take responsibility for ourselves  and quit blaming the environment, others, culture, whatever - we truly become leaders of ourselves and eventually others.




Leadership is not about authority.  Leadership is influence.

People will not care about how much you know, until they know how much you care.


If people know you care about them and are working to help them, they will follow you anywhere.


Leaders are readers.  Great leaders tend to be great thinkers.


Responsibility.  Everyone must take responsibility for everything in their respective life.  We must find a way to do, instead of a reason not to.  Leaders do not give up.  A leader isn’t finished when defeated.  A leader is finished when he quits.


Law of the Lid - you can only lift others as high as you are. 


Leaders must continue to grow in order to help others to continue growing.


Calling attention to a problem is complaining.  Solving a problem is harder - it takes an act of leadership.


A problem is something you haven’t grown enough to figure out.  Addition is a problem until you grow and learn enough to figure it out.  The same is true with a bicycle and everything else.  If you have a way to figure something out, even if the answer is difficult, you have a predicament - not a problem.


The bigger the problem you can solve, the more value you bring to the marketplace.


You’ll learn the differences between leadership and management.


Leadership is not about getting.  Leadership is about giving.  Think about statutes around the world.  None of them honor people who got.  They honor people who gave.


Leadership is not a position.  Leadership is a disposition.  Leadership is a mindset, a personality.  In a crisis, a titled leader may freeze, where the true leader steps up and acts with confidence.


Empowering others – creating more leaders is crucial to the growth of any business and economic success.  Building leaders is like growing a root structure to keep tree from falling over. Leaders are more interested in developing the root structure than the immediate visible results.  (Examples: Chinese bamboo tree when planted – no growth for 5 years then in a few short months grows 90 feet.  When Sears Tower was built – they built 100 ft. down underground before building up.)


The action of a leader multiplies in reaction.  Give a smile - get many smiles in return.


Financial Freedom


Profits are better than wages.  Wages will earn you a living.  Profits will create you a fortune.


Leveraging - in the workplace one of two things will happen.  People will profit off of your efforts or you can profit off of other people’s efforts.  You can leverage both time and money.


Myth - you get paid for your time.  If it was true, you could go to work and sleep.  You get paid for the value you bring to the marketplace.  As you increase your value, you will increase your income.




While concepts, knowledge, ideas, and more are endless, hopefully, the above examples interests you and/or excites you enough to take action and learn more.


I hope you'll join (or host) an Innovation Group in your area. It's time for you to start living the life you deserve!


Your friend and partner in success,



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