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Innovation Groups

I'm excited to announce the start of Innovation Groups around the East Bay!


The purpose of each group is to develop more leaders and to help individuals become entrepreneurs.


The purpose of a leader is to serve others.  


The primary focus is not to teach individuals what to think, but how to think differently and independently. 


Each Innovation Group is focused on helping individuals take their expectations, results, and dreams to a higher level. 


Regardless of your education or experience, everyone can use coaching and can serve as a mentor to others.  The energy and personal growth increases exponentially when you have like-minded people gathering together!


Participation in a group is free of charge.  Entrepreneurial opportunities vary in costs.


Group times usually are 60-90 minutes in length.


As leaders develop, additional Innovation Groups will be started.


To learn more about the groups, click on the tab "Innovation Groups Info."


If you would like information on participating in a group; or would like to host and/or sponsor a group, please contact Bryan Balch by email at


Thank you.



For answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment, please call:


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