Bryan Balch & Associates Personal & Business Development  Innovator of Human Potential
Bryan Balch & AssociatesPersonal & Business Development   Innovator of Human Potential


Bryan Balch offers services in all areas of personal and business development to individuals and companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Some of his important practice areas are listed below.

Goal Setting and Goal Getting

Whether you or your company requires short-term or long-term measures, Bryan Balch will show you the steps to take to determine exactly what you need to do, how to decide what you'll do and how to manage those decisions on a daily basis until you achieve the results desired.


Financial Freedom 

From an individual standpoint or a business entity, financial planning, goal setting and tracking results are strategic necessaties to ensure adequate cash flow, longevity and eventual financial freedom.  Bryan Balch helps develop strategies to leverage time and income; create residual income; and shows you exactly how to leverage unrestricted funding streams for larger grants and more!

Crisis Management

As individuals, we all face crisis at different times in our lives.  Whether you are in a crisis or trying to prevent one, Bryan Balch will meet you where you are at and help you develop a plan to get out of your current situation and help you develop the mindset that regardless of any crisis, you'll feel confident you can handle it.


In business, there are always risks involved. Bryan will provide you with extensive and personal advice whether you are in a crisis or working to avoid one.


More times than not, resistance to change is a primary factor in a crisis.  Bryan will show you ways to embrace change rather than to fight it.

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