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Bryan Balch has spent the past 20+ years specializing in creating, assisting & developing small to medium-sized businesses; launching start-up businesses and helping to  incorporate existing businesses.


Bryan coaches and mentors individuals that find themselves seeking to change and/or improve their current situation due to economic times, relationship or other issues, changes at work, or those simply wanting to better themselves, start their own business or seeking to improve their existing business.


Experience and accomplishments include:

  • Consulting, coaching and producing positive results with companies across the continental U.S.,  in 18 industries, including but not limited to: countertop manufacturing, printing, communications, auto body, ship building, HVAC, construction remodeling, commercial nursery, oilfield services, farming, excavating, and signage.
  • Helping hundreds of individuals become entrepreneurs creating opportunities to achieve their dreams. 
  • Conducting leadership and personal development workshops - for specific organizations and the general public (averaging over 20 per year).
  • Led a small community based organization from $500K in annual revenues to over $1M, in less than 2 years.
  • Encouraged and mentored a chiropractor to create a workshop series to help other chiropractors develop the mindset of an entrepreneur.
  • As a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) for over 12 years, experienced with writing Policies & Procedures Manuals;  Operations Manuals; Employee Handbooks; Employee Safety Manuals; Employee Job Descriptions, and Duty Statements; and coordinated the implementation of employee medical benefit packages, 401(K) Plans, 403(B) Plans, as well as Cafeteria Plans for multiple organizations.   
  • Successfully established 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporations, writing Articles of Incorporation, By Laws, and job descriptions for board officers and members.
  • Consultations, coaching and trainings with numerous business owners include, but are not limited to: leadership development, cash flow, understanding the breakeven point, calculating the true employee budern rate, inventory control, implementing & developing management teams, marketing, personnel issues, business plans, program development, and fundraising.

Client Industries

Bryan Balch proudly serves clients from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Non-Profit & other Community-Based Organizations
  • Private Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Criminal Justice & Rehabilitative Services
  • Individual Entrepreneur(s)

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