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Today I want to share some thoughts with you around time. I probably have as many questions as answers. What is time? What is its purpose? I read somewhere that “time is what keeps everything from happening at once.”


While I do see the humor in that statement, I also see seriousness to time and the balance it plays in our lives.


The fact none of us are guaranteed any amount of time (a great reason to live in the present) provides us a sense of urgency. We don’t want to waste time. At the same time (no pun intended), it teaches us patience. We’ve all heard the phrase “all in good time.”


Our farming ancestors knew the importance of time. They used the sense of urgency to get the fields ready for planting, then used patience while nurturing the crops, then returned to urgency during harvest time and getting crops to market.


We have lots of descriptions of time like “free time” or “work time” or “money time.”

When it’s winter and there’s not much for the farmers to do, they have “free time.”

The same holds true when kids finish their work at school.


“Work time” is that 8-hour window where most of people spend their efforts to get a paycheck. This is what we call the “average” American.


Quite a few sports fans will say that “money time” is when championships are on the line and someone comes through “in the clutch” to win the game for their team.

In the real world, where entrepreneurs are made, “money time” is “5 to 9.” Money time is where the wealthy (3-5% of the population) make their mark. This is where the highly successful people make their “luck” that average Americans complain about them having all of it.


“5 to 9” is the time entrepreneurs put their work ethic into motion working to improve their skills, practicing, making extra phone calls, improving their mindset with personal development or working out. When people ask is that “5 to 9” AM or PM? The answer is “yes!”


I recently attended the pinning of new officers at a local Kiwanis Club. I had the privilege to support a friend who was becoming the President. 


In her speech, it brought tears to her eyes as well as the attendees, when she said she remembered 25 years ago when she first wanted to join the Kiwanis, she couldn’t because women weren’t allowed and now she was the President!


This is clearly an example of the meaning “God’s delays are not God’s denials.”


On the taped special of Michael Jackson preparing for his “This Is It” tour shortly before his death, one of the singers was discussing the first song she ever sang was in the 3rd grade and it was “Man in the Mirror” by Michael. She said it felt surreal now years later instead of singing along with the radio, she was going to be singing with Michael Jackson on stage.


Timing is everything. 


Occasionally, we may not be ready for our desires as much as we think we are. Sometimes it’s a cash flow issue or the market isn’t right to buy or sell.


We’re all tested by time. 


We’ve heard “patience is a virtue” and “good things come to those that wait.” Yet, we find ourselves irritated, stressed or frustrated when trying to connect with the perfect someone or simply having to wait on ones we’re already connected with.


I found it interesting listening to Joel Osteen discussing the irritations that people can cause us by taking forever to get ready or driving slow in the fast lane. He said our tendencies are to ask God to have them hurry up. Joel said like sand in an oyster, the irritations we feel are like sandpaper rubbing the edges off of us, turning us into our own magnificent pearl. 

Irritations are there for us to change, not for the irritators to change. [Please stay in the slow lane though!]


Time can also create stress for us especially when we’re facing a deadline to complete a task. I must say, I think if it weren’t for the “last minute” most things would never get done!


I hope you’ve enjoyed “our time” together today. In closing, I want to summarize that time gives us a sense of urgency, while teaching us patience. We also learn that there is “a time and place” for everything – and everyone.


I also think time demonstrates the power of persistence. This is what makes goals achievable, what makes America great! If we have a dream, whether it’s a job, a house, a car, or the love of our life, if we stay focused, (keeping in mind), “timing is everything,” we can be, and have all, that we want as long as we persist and never quit.


In time, we can all live our dream!


Have an incredible journey!


With respect & appreciation,

                    "Miss a meal if you have to, but don't miss a book."

                                            - Jim Rohn



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