Why are some people more successful than others? It may have more to do with what you say than what you hear!


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I think all of us are fascinated with something or someone.  I’m sure we could create a list of the things or people we find fascinating.


One thing that fascinates me more than anything else, or at least I think about and study the most, is what makes some people more successful than others.


I know some very talented people that are not successful.  I know some very successful people that are not-so-talented.  How can that be?


How do some people take the impossible and make it possible?


Until 1954, it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in under four minutes.  Now, over 20,000 people have done it.  Some that have done it were still in high school!


It used to be impossible to cook something to eat without a fire.  Now it’s possible with a microwave.


I remember being amazed that you could put a document in a fax machine and it would somehow send it to someone else, who would receive it on his/her fax machine.  Now, I can deposit a check into my bank account by taking a picture of the front and back using my phone!


It was once thought to be impossible to make a movie with sound.  We now have 3-D movies and in the near future, when you see food on the screen, you’ll be able to smell it in the theaters.


When John F. Kennedy was President, a computer filled an entire room and cost millions of dollars.  Now we have smart phones with more memory and are faster, at a fraction of the cost.


A child in Africa, with a cell phone, has access to more information that the Pentagon had when Ronald Regan was President.


I believe “impossible” simply means “until someone does it.”  It also means, nothing is impossible.  Think about it.  We’ve gone from, “if man were meant to fly, he’d have wings” to not thinking twice about sitting in a piece of metal and flying around the world - while watching movies, eating, reading, taking naps, and even going to the bathroom!


This turning impossible into possible, takes me back to the fascination with what makes some people successful and others not so successful.


Brendon Burchard points out 3 things that differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful.  He says the unsuccessful people will say:


  1. I don’t know how. (Whatever it is, maybe it’s getting your idea to market, or a skill that’s needed to put the idea into practice.)
  2. I’m not like that. (Maybe this has to do with being able to get in front of a group, or being able to sell, or maybe it’s something that requires competition.)
  3. I don’t have that. (Maybe it’s something that requires a college degree, or flexibility, hand-eye coordination, or maybe it’s funds for start-up costs.)

Having said any or all of these 3 things, the unsuccessful person stops.

The successful person says the same three things, except, instead of stopping, asks…


  1. [I don’t know how.] Who do I know that can teach me?  Where can I go to learn how?
  2. [I’m not like that.] Who do I know that is like that?  Can I get them to do it? Maybe they can teach me?  Maybe I can start small and get bigger as I go?
  3. [I don’t have that.] Where can I start to acquire that? What do I have to do to get that?  Who do I know that can give me that or help me acquire/achieve what I need?

Having asked those questions, they begin to follow up on the answers!


Whether it is these three questions or different questions, I believe what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is the stories we tell ourselves.


Within each of us, we have a little voice.  Its purpose in life is to protect us from harm.  I like to call it the “voice of doom.”  It says things like “it’s not going to work”, “you’ll never make it”, “you’re going to get hurt”, “you’re too fat, too slow, too short, too shy.”


In order to be successful, instead of listening to ourselves, we must start talking to ourselves…. “I can do this”, “I’ll make it work”, “No one can stop me”, “I’m smart, funny, confident”, “I’m going to succeed.”


What stories have you been telling yourself?  What story is keeping you from getting where you want to be?


I’m telling you, there is greatness within you!  If you can’t get it out on your own, find a coach that will help you.  Are you telling yourself you can’t afford it?  Start telling yourself what it’s costing you now not having a coach.  Start telling yourself how much more you’ll make, how much happier you’ll be, how many more you can help, once you get your greatness out into the open to share with others.


Live the life you deserve!


Thank you for sharing part of your Monday with me.


Your partner in success,


“To reach your potential, to become all you are capable of, you cannot remain where you are.”



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