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I'm Bryan Balch and Welcome! to my website.  I'm humbled you're taking the time to visit and learn a little about what I  do.  Whether we're already acquainted or simply on the verge of introductions, I'm honored to meet new people and consider it a privilege to build lasting relationships.  I hope we get the opportunity to meet and strengthen our relationship over time.


I believe the purpose of life is to be of service to others.  What else is there, really?  Whether it be in person or simply through this website, I hope that I can add value to you, whether it's on a business level or a personal one.


To share some of my background, I started my business in 2005 while still working in the social service industry (15+ years at the time).  While I was working with one individual agency, I felt I could have a larger impact by helping more organizations remain operational and financially sound. This is why I decided to start my consulting business.


I initially began by helping other non-profit organizations and small businesses in the areas of board and staff development, human resources, fund raising, grant writing, and other administrative tasks.  


Over the years, I have expanded my comfort zone and have traveled to work with companies across the United States. At my last count, I have worked with companies in over 18 industries!


I now incorporate a system that identifies restraints preventing desired results, implement a management team accountable for the results, and systematically measure steps to remove the restraints and achieve the desired results.


I have continued over the years to adjust and mold my services to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses, individuals and their communities.


I operate on four main principles, which I believe are the key to my success:


Integrity, Commitment, Confidentiality, and Service to Others


Regardless of what you may be looking for now, or in the future, I always offer the folllowing guarantee.  


I guarantee everything I do will be done with your best interests in mind.  While I strive to help you solve your issue(s), I will always tell you what you need to hear.  This may not always be what you want to hear.  Whether you see me as a friend, coach, mentor, consultant, or something else entirely, my sole purpose will be to help you become as successful as you want to be.


There is always a price to pay for success.  It always has to be paid in advance.  Work is normally the down payment.  As long as you are willing to work towards success, I will work right along side of you.


If you don't give up on your dreams and quit, it will be impossible for us to fail. Regardless of the level of success you are trying to reach, it's important to remember, it's who you become along the way that matters more than the success itself.


I commend you for taking action and hope that you will keep your momentum going and contact me now!  The sooner we can have a discussion, the quicker we can figure out where you are and what we need to do to get you where you want to go.


Always remember, there is greatness within you!


With gratitude and respect,



Bryan M. Balch

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